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Hi, I'mShaffatur Khan

Developer, Creator & Entrepreneur

Technominaty | YouTube


Hey, I am a Coder, Content Creator, Producer & Entrepreneur. I aim to make a difference by making people's life easier through technology!

Born in the late night of 1997 28th August. I have 7 years of experience (as of 2018) in digital marketing, website making, basic cyber security, company management, videography, photography, 2d graphics designing, social media management & marketing, sales, software developing, video editing and freelancing. Currently I am working on my own brands! But in the past I have worked with 100of consumers worldwide! Love to learn & experiment with new skills every now and then

Name : Shaffatur Rahman Khan
Date of birth : August 28, 1997
Phone : +1 (952) 333-3602
Skype : neety.khan
Interest : Making the world a better place
Digital Sign


A Levels | Academia

Fri Jul 01 2016 - 1 Sub left (Read Below)

Started A levels with Chemistry, Physics and Math. But dropped Chemistry and had taken Accounting at the last moment! Thus, have completed 2 subjects, waiting to complete the last subject!

O Levels | Academia

2012 - 2016

Started my O Levels on mid 2012. For some reasons had delay completing the course. In mid 2016 however, I have completed the course! On beginning I started with 8 subjects but ended up completing 7! They are- Physics, Math B, Further Math, Chemistry, Bengali, Accounting, English

Primary to Secondary Schooling

2001 - 2013

I started my education from "The Children Garden" in the year 2001. After that I studied in "Saint Paul's School", "Maple Leaf International School", "Saint Jude's International School" and finally "Academia". Which are all English Medium School under the curriculum of British Education Board - Pearson Edexcel. In 2013 January I moved to home schooling and have appeared my O Level's & A Level's from Academia.

Website Design & DevelopmentC+S Computer System


I am interested in web technology. Infact, I opened my facebook in 2009, and also had a myspace account. So, in 2012 I decided to take a class on website designing and development. Although the course was for 6 months, but it gave me a lot to knowledge that I have been using ever since!

Graphics DesigningC+S Computer System


I loved the paint tool in Microsoft Windows XP. In 2008 I found a software called "Photoshop CS3" which I felt similar like the paint application. Later I found that it was a totally different and versatile application. So, in 2012 while I was doing "web design and development" course I also decided to do "Graphics Design" course!




Founder/CEO/Chairman Neety Media

Sat Jul 02 2016-Active

Neety Media is a Online Marketing, Content Creation and versatile creative company. Under NM we operate, Technominaty - a Tech YouTube Channel, Always 17 - Clothing Brand which is all set to release in June 0f 2018,  Neety Entertainment Films 

Founder & CEO @ Private Authentic Limited

Fri Dec 01 2017 - Present

Under Authentic Private Limited, I am making a start-up name "Doctor Bangladesh". Plan to release the start-up company on the 3rd quarter of 2018!

Content Creator @ YouTube/Instagram

Fri Jan 01 2016 - Active

I started my YouTube in 2011, but that a/c got banned. After that I started a channel name 'Technominaty' and various other brands. Focusing content creation on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms.

Head Editor Bangladeshi Automobile Scenario

5 September 2014 - 6 January 2015

Head Editor and social media manager.

Contractor CSBazar.com

October 2013 to February 2015

Content C+S Multimedia

July 2013 - February 2015

Graphics Designer Khan Graphics

5 April 2013 - 7 May 2016

Designed logos, magazine cover, album cover, story cover, branding, business cards, etc.

Photographer 101, Khanz Photography, Wedding Photography, Automobile Photography, Fashion Photography

2012 - 2016

Worked in various photography brands in Bangladesh. Such as 101 Clickz & Editz, Photography Society, Wedding Photography and such. After the year 2016 I just do photography as only hobby. Which can be found in my instagram @shaffaturkhan 


2012 - 2016

Worked in Fiverr, oDesk/Upwork, Freelancer.com, FB. as Online Marketer, web designer, graphics designer, ptc, ppc, review writer and more.

Professional Skills

Content Creator

I'm a YouTuber, Instagram and online content creator. Using DSLR, Premier PRO, Final cut Pro and other pro tools.


First used Visual Studio in 2010. Since then I have created couple of windows softwares for all size business. 

Graphic Design

I'm not a professional graphics designer or have so much knowledge. But I'm a pro at using Photoshop. Even created 100+ logos, some of which you can found at portfolio!

Front-End Developer

Since 2010, I have learning coding and improving myself everyday. I'm have done course of Front-End Development back in 2014! Currently pursing Stack-Developer and soon will have certified on all 3.

Wordpress Developer

With 4+ Years of experience, I'm a Wordpress Designer & Developer. Have created all sorts of website such as e-commerce, blogs, personal and small to big business sites.

SEO & Marketing

I have done online marketing for brands all across the capital. And help brands reach their goals. Most of which were organic growth, doing SEO based optimization!